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How I Got Into Skin Care 

Darlene Rogatsky, LE, CLT, LA

Aesthetics and Salon Owner

It has been a road well-traveled through the years of my career in business and finance, but the competitive and entrepreneurial side of me continues to encourage my instincts to expand my endeavors into the beauty industry.

If you do what you love, then it is not work at all. I have had a passion for skin care from a young age, but life took me on a journey that eventually led me to pursue my dream.

My many years in the business/financial industry truly have laid the path of a longtime dream becoming a reality. New beginnings are not just for the youth starting a career path.

Beginnings, at any point in life, are for stronghearted, motivated, and confident people, with a work ethic that drives them to pursue what they love. My personal focus has been to retain a level of wholeness, health, and physical appeal, as we add up the years of time.

I believe that it is natural to pursue and maintain youthful skin and to entertain the many cosmetic options available to all. I want to be a part in sharing my knowledge and talent to all who have a like commitment to be the best they can be for a healthy personal and professional lifestyle.

Licensed and Certified in Esthetics, Microdermabrasion Therapy, Ultra-Sonic Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, and Laser Skin Rejuvenation.