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An Aesthetics Salon

1225 Glacier Court

Celina, Texas 75009

Phone 469-720-6731


For healthy and beautiful skin

For all skin types

*Aromatherapy included with all facial services

  • 60 Minute Facial is designed for your type of skin to balance, nourish and protect.
  • 90 Minute Facial is designed to address more intense skin concerns.

*May include the use of modalities and professional-grade protocols

Serenity “Skin” Signature Custom Facial

Your face is your focal point. Let’s make it glow, rebalance skin health, clarify complexion, and retain cellular hydration to promote a more youthful appearance. Incorporates traditional therapeutic facial techniques with a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions and relaxing facial massage.

Recommend 3 to 4-week intervals.

$90/60 Min - $110/90 Min – 4 Packs - 90 Min each - $350

Gua Sha Facial

Benefits of Gua Sha facial massage can extend beyond relaxation and lessen tension. It’s linked to clearer skin, fewer wrinkles and a more sculpted appearance. It moves lymphatic fluids and breaks down tension in muscles resulting in better blood flow, less puffiness under the eyes. The therapeutic facial massage is performed with either Jade or Rose Quartz Gua Sha tools of your choice.

Recommend 3 to 4-week intervals.

$110/90 Min – 4 Pack 90 Min each - $350

Ayurvedic Oil Kansa Wand Facial 

On a physical level, the Kansa wand helps to revitalize and plump skin, soften fine lines, de-puff the eyes, firm the jawline and cheekbones, and relax the neck and shoulders. It’s a very natural way to preserve youthful skin and support vitality. The therapeutic facial massage is performed with the Kansa Wand and Kumkumadi Oil.

Recommend 3 to 4-week intervals.

$110/90 Min – 4 Pack 90 Min each - $350

Acne Prone or Teen Cleanse

Treatment helps to eliminate underlying causes of breakouts. Ultra- Calming deep cleansing and hydrating agents open clogged pores. Get relief from breakouts attributed to occasional hormonal episodes and acne. A consistent and proper home care regimen is essential to achieve best results

Recommend 4-week intervals

$80/60 Min

Zen Garden Ultra-Calming Rosacea Care

This is an excellent facial for clients with Rosacea, Redness, or Sensitive skin. Soothing services using products specifically designed to calm irritation and decrease the appearance of redness associated with this skin condition. Designed to protect, correct, and boost the skin by strengthening delicate capillaries and evening skin tone.

Recommend 4-week intervals

$90/60 Min

Gentlemen’s “Black Tie” Facial

Relaxing, soothing treatment for skin that may be irritated from shaving, environment, or everyday stress. Deep pore cleansing, facial massage, masque and moisturizing. All to leave skin with an even tone, smooth texture and feeling refreshed.

Recommend 4-week intervals

$80/60 Min

Lotus Flower Anti-Aging Facial

Concerned with the first signs of aging? This facial is for those who desire preventative maintenance. This facial delivers instant nourishment, firmness, max hydration, and diminished appearance of fine lines.

Recommend 3 to 4-week intervals

$110/90 Min – 4 Pack $350

Luminous Hydrojelly Mask Facial

Provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, smoothing, moisture retention, cleansing, exfoliating, skin conditioning, tone and reduced inflammation.

Recommend Skin Booster Serums for max result.

$110/70 Min

$ 20/Optional Skin Booster Serum

Microdermabrasion Therapy – Diamond Tip

Safe and painless micro-controlled resurfacing procedure to gradually exfoliate epidermal cells treating an array of skin imperfections. Excellent for uneven granular skin, acne marks, fine lines and wrinkles, superficial scars.

Recommend a series of 4 to 6 treatments for best results

$110/60 Min – 4 pack $300

Purifying Backcial

Designed to address dry skin, clogged pores and minor discolorations.

Recommend 4-week intervals

$100/60 – with Hot Rock Therapy Massage $115/70 Min

“Express” On-the-Go

Busy Schedule? Deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and moisturize in 30 minutes will maintain skin health and glow.

4 Pack/30 Min each - $150

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is suggested to strengthen skin elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and diminish pores.

Recommend once a week for 6 weeks. As needed thereafter

$80/30 Mins – 6 Pack/30 Min each - $350


Added Pleasures

Heated Collagen Foot or Hand Treatment - $10 Each area

Paraffin Hand Wax - $10

Paraffin Foot Wax - $20


Seniors 65+ - “Skin” Signature Custom Facial - $60


Please plan accordingly and be on time as a courtesy to your skin care professional and clients that follow. We want your visit to be a beautiful, serene experience.

NEW CLIENTS: Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to complete required disclosure and medical history forms.

RETURNING CLIENTS: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. This will transition you mentally for a pleasurable experience.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please cancel 24 hours in advance. Later cancellations will be charged 50% of the service fee based on your booked service item(s).

NO SHOWS – MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Full charge of service fee will apply based on your booked service item(s)

LATE ARRIVALS: Your service time will be shortened out of respect for the client following.

REFUND: There are no refunds for services rendered.

RETAIL: There are no refunds for skin products purchased.

SAFETY: Children are not permitted in the treatment environment or in the common reception areas of the salon.

CELL PHONES: Phones and other devices MUST BE silenced throughout your visit.

WALK-INS: We welcome walk-ins if the calendar can accommodate.